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A note on Stichococcus bacillaris Naeg. and some species of Chlorella as marine algae

  • E. A. George (a1)


Several strains of Stichococcus bacillaris Naeg. and of the marine S. cylindricus Butcher were all found to fit morphologically in Naegeli's species. Both the marine and non-marine strains grow well in either fresh- or sea-water media. S. cylindricus must therefore be regarded as a synonym of S. bacillaris. Three marine Chlorella strains including C. ovalis Butcher and C. stigmatophora Butcher were also found to be quite unexacting about salinity. The significance of small differences, particularly of growth rate, is discussed with regard to non-sexual organisms. In general, widely based species are advocated for such organisms, with the clonal lines, where appropriate, designated by the reference number of a recognized culture collection.



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