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Pelagic larval duration, size at settlement and coastal recruitment of the intertidal blenny Lipophrys pholis

  • Margarida G. Carvalho (a1) (a2), Cláudia Moreira (a2), Henrique Queiroga (a3), Paulo T. Santos (a1) (a2) and Alberto T. Correia (a1) (a4)...


To study some early life history traits of Lipophrys pholis, 110 recruits (TL ≤ 30 mm) were collected in April and May 2013 during the low tide periods in four rocky beaches along the west (Cabo do Mundo, Peniche and Vale do Homem) and south (Olhos de Água) Portuguese coasts. Pelagic larval duration, size at settlement and age at coastal recruitment were back-calculated from the microstructure of otoliths. Pelagic larval duration estimated from micro-increment counts until the settlement marks ranged from 57 to 73 days and showed a latitudinal reduction trend from north to south. This variable seems to be related in 30% with the regional seawater temperatures probably through the direct effect on the somatic growth. Settlement sizes (~19 mm) did not show any regional differences suggesting that this is a more conservative character within species. The mean age at coastal recruitment varied between 69 and 93 days, but northern individuals were recruited at an older age. Back-calculated spawning, hatching and settlement dates appear to be unrelated to the lunar cycle for L. pholis.


Corresponding author

Correspondence should be addressed to: A.T. Correia, Centro Interdisciplinar de Investigacão Marinha e Ambiental (CIIMAR/CIMAR), Rua dos Bragas 289, 4050-123 Porto, Portugal email:


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Pelagic larval duration, size at settlement and coastal recruitment of the intertidal blenny Lipophrys pholis

  • Margarida G. Carvalho (a1) (a2), Cláudia Moreira (a2), Henrique Queiroga (a3), Paulo T. Santos (a1) (a2) and Alberto T. Correia (a1) (a4)...


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