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Psammonema kuriani (Nematoda: Desmodoroidea), a novel species from the margin of the north-eastern Arabian Sea

  • Jini Jacob (a1), P.R. Anilkumar (a2), Rosamma Philip (a2) and Damodaran Rayaroth (a2)


A novel species of nematode belonging to the rare genus Psammonema Verschelde & Vincx, 1995 is described from the continental margin of the north-eastern Arabian Sea (214 m). Psammonema kuriani sp. nov. shows a different position of the lateral alae compared with the original genus diagnosis, hence an emended genus diagnosis is given. The genus Psammonema was previously described from the estuarine sediments of Indian Ocean region and the present study reports the genus from the deep sea for the first time.


Corresponding author

Correspondence should be addressed to: J. Jacob, Centre for Marine Living Resources and Ecology, Ministry of Earth Sciences, 6th Floor, Kendriya Bhavan, Cochin, Kerala, India email:


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