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Quantitative analyses of decapod crustaceans at a rocky intertidal shore in the Gulf of Oman, Iran: diversity, zonation and monsoonal fluctuations

  • Saeed Ebrahimnezhad (a1) and Reza Naderloo (a1)

This paper provides data on diversity, zonation and seasonal fluctuations of decapod crustaceans at the northern Gulf of Oman coast, based on quantitative and qualitative samplings. A total of 75 species belonging to four infraorders, 27 families and 48 genera were identified. These species include 20 new records for the entire Gulf of Oman and 13 new records for its Iranian coast. The mid-intertidal zone showed a higher mean diversity and abundance than high- and low-intertidal zones. The mean diversity and abundance in the high-intertidal zone showed significant differences with the mid- and low-intertidal zones. The indices of species richness (Margalef), diversity (Shannon) and evenness (Pielou) showed significant differences among the intertidal zones. Most of the identified species (>60%) that had high values in their frequency of occurrence and relative abundance showed an overlapping vertical distribution, and were present in all three or just in two of the three defined zones. Other species were found only in one of the three zones (non-overlapping vertical distribution). The decapod community in the mid-intertidal zone showed a higher dissimilarity with the high-intertidal zone than with the low-intertidal. Both abundance and diversity were found to be lowest and highest during south-west and north-east monsoons, respectively. During south-west monsoon, the abundance of decapods declined dramatically, but species diversity and ecological indices did not show any statistically significant difference among the sampling periods.

Corresponding author
Correspondence should be addressed to: R. Naderloo, Department of Zoology, School of Biology, College of Science, University of Tehran, 14155-6455, Tehran, Iran email:
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