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Vitamin A and carotenoids in certain invertebrates. III. Euphausiacea

  • L. R. Fisher (a1), S. K. Kon (a1) and S. Y. Thompson (a1)

Our published work has shown that the northern euphausiids, Meganyctiphanes norvegica, Thysanoessa raschii and T. inermis, contain much higher concentrations of vitamin A than we have found in any other marine Crustacea (Kon & Thompson, 1949a; Batham, Fisher, Henry, Kon & Thompson, 1951; Fisher, Kon & Thompson, 1952, 1953, 1954). In the antarctic species, Euphausia superba, the concentration of vitamin A in samples taken from the alimentary canals of baleen whales (Thompson, Ganguly & Kon, 1949; Kon & Thompson, 1949b) was similar to that found in Meganyctiphanes norvegica from the gut of arctic baleen whales (Fisher et al., 1952), but both were very much lower than in free-swimming M. norvegica. No corresponding free-swimming specimens of Euphausia superba had been analysed.

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