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Twenty-one new records of fish species (Teleostei) from Madang and Papua New Guinea (western Pacific Ocean)

  • Ronald Fricke (a1) (a2)


New records of fish species are reported from Papua New Guinea: Gymnothorax angusticauda (Muraenidae) from Madang, Coloconger scholesi Chan 1967 (Colocongridae) from Madang and New Guinea, Acromycter longipectoralis Karmovskaya 2004 (Congridae), Doryrhamphus melanopleura (Bleeker, 1858) and Festucalex gibbsi Dawson 1977 (Syngnathidae) from Madang, Lioscorpius longiceps Günther 1880 (Setarchidae) from Madang, Morobe and New Guinea, Neomerinthe megalepis Fowler 1938 and Pontinus rhodochrous (Günther 1872) (Scorpaenidae) from Madang and New Guinea, Parabembras curtus (Temminck & Schlegel 1843) (Parabembridae) from Morobe and New Guinea, Chrionema chryseres Gilbert 1905 and Pteropsaron levitoni Iwamoto 2014 (Percophidae) from Madang and New Guinea, Blenniella caudolineata (Günther, 1877) and Petroscirtes xestus Jordan & Seale, 1906 (Blenniidae) from Madang, Synchiropus orstom Fricke 2000 (Callionymidae) from West Sepik, Sandaun and New Guinea, Rexea antefurcata Parin 1989 (Gempylidae), Lepidoblepharon ophthalmolepis Weber 1913 (Citharidae), Engyprosopon macrolepis (Regan, 1908) (Bothidae), Aseraggodes kimurai Randall & Desoutter-Meniger 2007 (Soleidae), Cynoglossus bilineatus (Lacepède, 1802) and Symphurus multimaculatus Lee, Munroe & Chen 2009 (Cynoglossidae) from Madang and Tylerius spinosissimus (Regan 1908) (Tetraodontidae) from Morobe and Papua New Guinea. This papers also includes new depths records for Coloconger scholesi, Lioscorpius longiceps, Neomerinthe megalepis, Pontinus rhodochrous, Parabembras curtus, Chrionema chryseres and Synchiropus orstom.


Corresponding author

Correspondence should be addressed to: R. Fricke, Im Ramstal 76, 97922 Lauda-Königshofen, Germany email:


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