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Regularity bounds for complexes and their homology

  • HOP D. NGUYEN (a1) (a2)


Let R be a standard graded algebra over a field k. We prove an Auslander–Buchsbaum formula for the absolute Castelnuovo–Mumford regularity, extending important cases of previous works of Chardin and Römer. For a bounded complex of finitely generated graded R-modules L, we prove the equality reg L = maxi ∈ $_{\mathbb Z}$ {reg Hi(L) − i} given the condition depth Hi(L) ⩾ dim Hi+1(L) - 1 for all i < sup L. As applications, we recover previous bounds on regularity of Tor due to Caviglia, Eisenbud–Huneke–Ulrich, among others. We also obtain strengthened results on regularity bounds for Ext and for the quotient by a linear form of a module.



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