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Aberration Correction and Electron Holography

  • Hannes Lichte (a1), Martin Linck (a1), Dorin Geiger (a1) and Michael Lehmann (a2)

Electron holography has been shown to allow a posteriori aberration correction. Therefore, an aberration corrector in the transmission electron microscope does not seem to be needed with electron holography to achieve atomic lateral resolution. However, to reach a signal resolution sufficient for detecting single light atoms and very small interatomic fields, the aberration corrector has turned out to be very helpful. The basic reason is the optimized use of the limited number of “coherent” electrons that are provided by the electron source, as described by the brightness. Finally, quantitative interpretation of atomic structures benefits from the holographic facilities of fine-tuning of the aberration coefficients a posteriori and from evaluating both amplitude and phase.

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