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The Effects of the Addition of Dy, Nb, and Ga on Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of Nd2Fe14B/α-Fe Nanocomposite Permanent Magnetic Alloys

  • Kezhi Ren (a1), Xiaohua Tan (a1), Heyun Li (a1), Hui Xu (a1) and Ke Han (a2)...

We study the effects of Dy, Nb, and Ga additions on the microstructure and magnetic properties of Nd2Fe14B/α-Fe nanocomposites. Dy, Nb, and Ga additions inhibit the growth of the soft magnetic α-Fe phase. Dy and Nb additions are able to refine the microstructure, whereas Ga addition plays only a minor role in prohibiting crystal growth. The magnetic properties are sensitive to Dy, Nb, and Ga additions. The Dy-containing alloy enhances the intrinsic coercivity of 872 kA/m because Dy partially replaces Nd, forming (Nd, Dy)2Fe14B. Nb addition refines the microstructure, and consequently increases the exchange coupling between magnetic grains. The Nd9.5Fe75.4Co5Zr3B6.5Ga0.6 alloy exhibits the highest remanence (0.92 T) due to Ga addition.

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