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Microstructural and Chemical Characterization of Nanostructured TiAlSiN Coatings with Nanoscale Resolution

  • Vanda Godinho (a1) (a2), Teresa C. Rojas (a1), Susana Trasobares (a3), Francisco J. Ferrer (a4), Marie-Paule Delplancke-Ogletree (a2) and Asuncion Fernández (a1)...

Nanoscale resolution electron microscopy analysis combined with ion beam assisted techniques are presented here, to give answers to full characterization of morphology, growth mode, phase formation, and compositional distribution in nanocomposite TiAlSiN coatings deposited under different energetic conditions. Samples were prepared by magnetron sputtering, and the effects of substrate temperature and bias were investigated. The nanocomposite microstructure was demonstrated by the formation of a face-centered cubic (Ti,Al)N phase, obtained by substitution of Al in the cubic titanium nitride (c-TiN) phase, and an amorphous matrix at the column boundary regions mainly composed of Si, N (and O for the samples with higher oxygen contents). Oxygen impurities, predicted as the principal responsible for the degradation of properties, were identified, particularly in nonbiased samples and confirmed to occupy preferentially nitrogen positions at the column boundaries, being mainly associated to silicon forming oxynitride phases. It has been found that the columnar growth mode is not the most adequate to improve mechanical properties. Only the combination of moderate bias and additional substrate heating was able to reduce the oxygen content and eliminate the columnar microstructure leading to the nanocomposite structure with higher hardness (>30 GPa).

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