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On-Column 2p Bound State with Topological Charge ±1 Excited by an Atomic-Size Vortex Beam in an Aberration-Corrected Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope

  • Huolin L. Xin (a1) and Haimei Zheng (a1)

Atomic-size vortex beams have great potential in probing the magnetic moment of materials at atomic scales. However, the limited depth of field of vortex beams constrains the probing depth in which the helical phase front is preserved. On the other hand, electron channeling in crystals can counteract beam divergence and extend the vortex beam without disrupting its topological charge. Specifically, in this article, we report that atomic vortex beams with topological charge ±1 can be coupled to the 2p columnar bound states and propagate for more than 50 nm without being dispersed and losing its helical phase front. We give numerical solutions to the 2p columnar orbitals and tabulate the characteristic size of the 2p states of two typical elements, Co and Dy, for various incident beam energies and various atomic densities. The tabulated numbers allow estimates of the optimal convergence angle for maximal coupling to 2p columnar orbital. We have also developed analytic formulae for beam energy, convergence angle, and hologram-dependent scaling for various characteristic sizes. These length scales are useful for the design of pitch-fork apertures and operations of microscopes in the vortex-beam imaging mode.

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