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Basaluminite and hydrobasaluminite, two new minerals from Northamptonshire

  • S. E. Hollingworth (a1) and F. A. Bannister (a2)


White mineral coating joint-faces in quarries in the Northampton ironstone (Inferior Oolite) was long ago recorded as allophane. W. D. Herman who determined the mineral from the surface of a sandstone rock in a quarry opened in 1871 also analysed an unnamed white earthy mineral from crevices in the ironstone and obtained a composition close to that of fully hydrated halloysite.

During the six-inch geological survey of that ironstone field in 1939–44 the occurrence of similarly situated white incrustations and joint infillings was found to be widespread especially in the shallow workings where the ferrous minerals chamosite and chalybite have been oxidizedto produce a limonitie ore.



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