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Worshipping in Concert with the World

  • Hillary Kaell


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16 Bakhtin, Mikhail, Problems of Dostoevsky's Poetics, trans. Emerson, Caryl (Minneapolis, 1984), 82. Bakhtin is referring to a much broader ideological mode in the European enlightenment, but I find his general point helpful regarding Christian projects that developed out of the same period.

17 W. Herbert Scott to “Dear Friends in Christ,” Oct. 1977, folder 13 Ministries “Int. Intercessors” Jan.–Dec. 1977, WVIA.

18 Active choirs include the evangelical Watoto Children's Choir and the liberal, secular African Children's Choir founded by Ray Barnett in 1984. U.S.-based choirs on a similar model include the International Children's Choir (founded in Utah c. 1992); World Children's Choir (Virginia, 1990), and the long-running International Children's Choir (Long Beach, CA, 1957).

19 The World Council of Churches initially called the day of prayer. Supporters included “many other national partners,” as well as the All Africa Conference of Churches, Caritas in Veritate International, and World Evangelical Alliance—none of which are based in the U.S. “World Vision backs global day of prayer to end famine,” press release, May 3, 2017, (accessed Sept. 13, 2017).


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Worshipping in Concert with the World

  • Hillary Kaell


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