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Human Stem Cell Derived Osteocytes in Bone-on-Chip

  • E. Budyn (a1) (a2), N. Gaci (a1), S. Sanders (a1), M. Bensidhoum (a3), E. Schmidt (a2), B. Cinquin (a4), P. Tauc (a4) and H. Petite (a3)...

Human mesenchymal stem cells were reseeded in decellularized human bone subject to a controlled mechanical loading to create a bone-on-chip that was cultured for over 26 months. The cell morphology and their secretome were characterized using immunohistochemistry and in situ immunofluorescence under confocal microscopy. The presence of stem cell derived osteocytes was confirmed at 547 days. Different cell populations were identified. Some cells were connected by long processes and formed a network. Comparison of the MSCs in vitro reorganization and calcium response to in situ mechanical stimulation were compared to MLOY4 cells reseeded on human bone. The bone-on-chip produced an ECM of which the strength was nearly a quarter of native bone after 109 days and that contained calcium minerals at 39 days and type I collagen at 256 days. The cytoplasmic calcium concentration variations seemed to adapt to the expected in vivo mechanical load at the successive stages of cell differentiation in agreement with studies using fluid shear flow stimulation. Some degree of bone-like formation over a long period of time with the formation of a newly formed matrix was observed.

Corresponding author
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