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Iron-based materials strategies

  • Atsuo Yamada (a1)


“Abundance” is an important keyword in materials development. This is particularly the case for the energy storage sector, where materials themselves function as a storage host. The amount of materials is directly linked to the amount of energy stored in the device. In lithium (Li)-ion batteries, transition metal elements are necessary to accommodate a large number of electrons/holes in a reversible redox reaction. Iron, as the fourth most abundant element in the earth’s crust, is an ideal redox center, but practical storage electrodes with Fe redox have long been the “holy grail” of the Li-ion battery since its commercialization in 1991. In this article, the history of replacing Co with Fe in Li-battery electrodes is briefly reviewed followed by recent technical achievements toward more sustainable batteries using Na+ as a guest ion, where the goal would be to discover a high voltage electrode material composed of Na and Fe without compromising the energy density.



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