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Strain-mediated magnetoelectric storage, transmission, and processing: Putting the squeeze on data

  • John Domann (a1), Tao Wu (a2), Tien-Kan Chung (a3) and Greg Carman (a4)

Strain-mediated magnetoelectric coupling provides a powerful method for controlling nanoscale magnetism with an electric voltage. This article reviews the initial use of macroscale composites and subsequent experimental control of magnetic thin films, nanoscale heterostructures, and single domains. The discussion highlights several characteristics enabling small, fast, and energy-efficient technologies. The second section covers applications where strain-mediated magnetoelectricity has been used, with emphasis on the storage, transmission, and processing of information (i.e., memory, antenna, and logic devices). These advances are order-of-magnitude improvements over conventional technologies, and open up exciting new possibilities.

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