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MRS Bulletin
  • ISSN: 0883-7694 (Print), 1938-1425 (Online)
  • Frequency: 12 issues per year
MRS Bulletin is one of the most widely recognized and highly respected publications in advanced materials research. Each month, the Bulletin provides a comprehensive overview of a specific materials theme, along with industry and policy developments, and MRS and materials-community news and events. Written by leading experts, the overview articles are useful references for specialists, but are also presented at a level understandable to a broad scientific audience.
  • On the cover

    Frontiers of solid-state batteries. This issue of MRS Bulletin focuses on the current state of the art of solid-state batteries, especially electrolytes and device architectures, and provides perspective on the various materials and interfacial challenges that limit performance and stability. The cover shows a schematic of a cathode composite. The use of mechanical milling to form finer submicrometer particles allows for a larger contact area between a solid electrolyte, active sulfur, and conductive carbon. This creates effective ion- and electron-transport pathways. The green circles are sulfur; the gray circles are solid electrolytes; and the black circles are carbon. The red arrows show the electron transport, while the blue arrows show the Li-ion transport. Credit: Hyung Lim, Kangwon National University. See the technical theme that begins on page 740.

Title history
Currently known as:
MRS Bulletin
Vol 7 (1982) onwards
ISSN: 0883-7694 (Print), 1938-1425 (Online)

Formerly known as:
Materials Research Society Newsletter
Vol 1 (1974) - Vol 6 (1980)
ISSN: 0883-7694 (Print), 1938-1425 (Online)