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Nanoplasmonic biosenA nanoplasmonic substrate consisting of mushroom-like structures immobilized with antibodies. The substrate is exposed to white light which drives localized plasmon resonances in the nanomushrooms. These resonances are sensitive to changes in local refractive index due to binding of molecules, enabling enhanced label-free sensing. Credit: Shivani Sathish & Nikhil Bhallasors
These nanoplasmonic materials with mushroom-shaped nanostructures allow for real-time monitoring of cellular growth and potential disease detection.
Rachel Nuwer April 23, 2018
Scanning electron microscope image of nanospears
Joseph Bennington-Castro April 20, 2018
A smiley face experimentally fabricated using optical blasting. Particles are colored by the phase of the local orientational order parameter, showing grain orientation. Credit: Physical Review Letters
Ahmad R. Kirmani April 19, 2018
Cellulose photonic crystal film
Belle Dumé April 19, 2018
graphene nanoribbon formation
Anna Demming April 12, 2018
Superconductivity spotted in a quasicrystal
Sam Jarman April 12, 2018