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Efficiency enhancement via metal-coated porous amorphous silicon back reflectors incorporated in amorphous silicon solar cells

  • Shweta Bhandaru (a1), Angelo Bozzola (a2), Marco Liscidini (a2) and Sharon M. Weiss (a3)


We present two straightforward and cost-effective methods, based on metal-assisted chemical etching and a direct imprinting technique, to fabricate metal-covered porous amorphous silicon back reflectors for amorphous silicon solar cells. We demonstrate an increase of approximately 30% in both short-circuit current and overall efficiency with respect to a cell with a flat metal back reflector. This is achieved by implementing light trapping via either a roughened porous amorphous silicon layer or an imprinted periodic grating. This work provides a pathway to increase amorphous silicon solar cell efficiency via increased absorption without significantly impacting processing costs.


Corresponding author

Address all correspondence to S.M. Weiss at and M. Liscidini at


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Efficiency enhancement via metal-coated porous amorphous silicon back reflectors incorporated in amorphous silicon solar cells

  • Shweta Bhandaru (a1), Angelo Bozzola (a2), Marco Liscidini (a2) and Sharon M. Weiss (a3)


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