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Emergence of central mode in the paraelectric phase of ferroelectric perovskites

  • Jeevaka Weerasinghe (a1), L. Bellaiche (a1), T. Ostapchuk (a2), P. Kužel (a2), C. Kadlec (a2), S. Lisenkov (a3), I. Ponomareva (a3) and J. Hlinka (a2)...


THz-range dielectric spectroscopy and first-principle-based effective-Hamiltonian molecular dynamics simulations were used to elucidate the dielectric response in the paraelectric phase of (Ba, Sr)TiO3 solid solutions. Our analysis suggests a crossover between two regimes: a higher-temperature regime governed by the soft mode only versus a lower-temperature regime exhibiting a coupled soft mode/central mode dynamics. Interestingly, a single model can be used to adjust the THz dielectric response in the entire range of the paraelectric phase. The central peak cannot be discerned anymore in the dielectric spectra when the rate of underlying thermally activated processes exceeds certain characteristic frequency of the system.


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Emergence of central mode in the paraelectric phase of ferroelectric perovskites

  • Jeevaka Weerasinghe (a1), L. Bellaiche (a1), T. Ostapchuk (a2), P. Kužel (a2), C. Kadlec (a2), S. Lisenkov (a3), I. Ponomareva (a3) and J. Hlinka (a2)...


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