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Screen-printed organic electrochemical transistors for metabolite sensing

  • Gaëtan Scheiblin (a1) (a2) (a3), Abdelkader Aliane (a1) (a2), Xenofon Strakosas (a3), Vincenzo F. Curto (a3), Romain Coppard (a1) (a4), Gilles Marchand (a1) (a2), Roísín M. Owens (a3), Pascal Mailley (a1) (a2) and George G. Malliaras (a3)...

Screen-printed organic electrochemical transistors (OECTs) were tested as glucose and lactate sensors. The intrinsic amplification of the device allowed it to detect metabolites in low molecular range and validation tests were made on real human sweat. The development of an organically modified sol–gel solid electrolyte paves the way for all printed OECT-based biosensors.

Corresponding author
Address all correspondence Roísín M. Owens, Pascal Mailley, George G. Malliaras,, and
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