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Total ionizing dose-hardened carbon nanotube thin-film transistors with silicon oxynitride gate dielectrics

  • C.D. Cress (a1), J.J. McMorrow (a2), J.T. Robinson (a1), A.L. Friedman (a3), H.L. Hughes (a1), B.D. Weaver (a1) and B.J. Landi (a4)...

We investigate the radiation response of single-walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) thin-film transistors fabricated with 23 nm silicon oxynitride gate dielectric layers, for total ionizing doses (TIDs) of Co-60 gamma irradiation up to 2 Mrad(Si). Irradiations with ±1 MV/cm across the gate dielectric have little effect on the threshold voltage, yielding shifts of less than ±0.25 V and no detrimental effect on SWCNT mobility or maximum drain current. This illustrates the need to consider the total device material composition when investigating the radiation response of carbon nanoelectronics and substantiates the applicability of SWCNT-based nanoelectronics for use in high TID environments.

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