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Effect of Annealing on the Dielectric Properties and Microstructure of Tantalum Oxide T14in Films

  • Chang Hwan Chun (a1), Geun Hong Kim (a1) and Kyoung-Soo Yi (a2)


Effects of heat treatments on the dielectric properties of tantalum oxide thin films(250Å) deposited on the p-Si substrates by RF reactive sputtering were investigated. The leakage current density was considerably reduced from 10-9 to 10-12A/μm2 at an electric field of 2MV/cm after rapid thermal annealing in O2 at 1000°C, while little leakage reduction was observed after annealing at 500°C.

The structural changes of tantalum oxide thin film after annealing were examined using high resolution transmission electron microscopy. The leakage reduction after annealing can be attributed to crystallization and reoxidation of the amorphous tantalum oxide thin film.



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