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Enhancing cell culture in magnetic vesicle gels

  • Felicity Leng (a1), Julie E Gough (a2) and Simon J Webb (a3)


Several different hydrogel compositions have been incorporated into magnetic vesicle gels and the resulting “smart” biomaterials assessed as cell culture scaffolds. The compatibility of these hydrogels with the “smart” component of these biomaterials, thermally sensitive vesicles (TSVs) crosslinked by magnetic nanoparticles, was assessed by the leakage of fluorescent 5/6-carboxyfluorescein from the TSVs under cell culture conditions. Subsequently the ability of the hydrogels to support 3T3 fibroblast and chondrocyte viability was assessed. These studies revealed that alginate-based gels were the most compatible with both the TSVs and the cultured cells, with an alginate:fibronectin mix proving to be the most versatile. Nonetheless these studies also suggest that TSV composition needs to be modified to improve the performance of these “smart” cell culture scaffolds in future applications.



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Enhancing cell culture in magnetic vesicle gels

  • Felicity Leng (a1), Julie E Gough (a2) and Simon J Webb (a3)


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