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Evaluation of an Scs-6/Ti-22al-23nb “Orthorhombic” Composite

  • P. R. Smith (a1), J. A. Graves (a2) and C. G. Rhodes (a2)

study was undertaken to examine the attributes of utilizing a high niobiumcontaining titanium aluminide (orthorhombic) composition, specifically Ti-22AI-23Nb (a%), for use as a matrix for a continuously reinforced metal matrix composite. Both unreinforced “neat” panels and 35v% 4-ply unidirectional ([0]4) SiC (SCS-6) panels were fabricated by HIP'ing using a foil / fiber / foil approach. The microstructure of these panels were examined via optical, scanning electron and transmission electron microscopy. Reaction zone kinetics including both the primary reaction product and any beta-depleted zone growth were determined at 982°C. Analytical electron microscopy was employed to identify fiber / matrix interfacial compounds as well as local phases and their associated chemistries. Preliminary mechanical properties were obtained which included: longitudinal and transverse tensile, matrix thermal stability, thermal fatigue, thermal mechanical fatigue and transverse composite creep. The results were compared with panels fabricated from the baseline matrix composition, Ti-24AI-11 Nb.

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