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Gate Controlled Negative Differential Resistance and Photoconductivity Enhancement in Carbon Nanotube Addressable Intra-connects

  • Seon Woo Lee (a1), Slava Rotkin (a2), Andrei Sirenko (a3), Daniel Lopez (a4), Avi Kornblit (a5) and Haim Grebel (a6)...

We have observed gate-controlled N-shaped negative differential resistance (NDR) and photoconductivity enhancement in carbon nanotube (CNT) based addressable intra-connects. The intra-connects – bridges spanning across planar electrodes – were measured at room temperature. Individual single-walled CNT (SWCNT) channels were grown using chemical vapor deposition (CVD) precisely between very sharp metal tips on the pre-fabricated electrodes without post-processing. The electrodes were made of cobalt. Methane and H2 gas mixture were introduced into quartz tube for an hour at 900 C, with flow rate of 1900 sccm for methane and 20 sccm for H2. We have investigated two different cases: in one case, the source-drain current-voltage, Ids-Vds, characteristics were linear. The other case exhibited nonlinear Ids-Vds characteristics. Raman scattering of the intra-connects indicated that each were made of SWCNT with radial breathing mode (RBM) at 191.9 cm-1 and 176.2 cm-1, respectively. Current-voltage Ids-Vds characteristics were measured for various Vgs from -10 V to +10 V. Negative differential resistance (NDR) was found in the Ids-Vgs curves for gate bias in the region of -3>Vgs>-6 V. The NDR peak was shifted to the negative side as the source-drain voltage was increased from Vds=0 to 0.75 V. Otherwise, the intra-connects exhibited characteristics of an ordinary p-type channel. The experiments were repeated under white light illumination. The light increases the carrier density in the channel but not in the metal electrodes and allowed us to study the effective doping of the channel without affecting the work function of the SWCNT/metal contact. The overall channel conductance increased under the light irradiation. Under illumination, the devices became more stable, as well. In summary, we have investigated contact properties between a SWCNT intra-connect and metal electrodes in a well controlled layout settings.

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