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Growth and Morphology of Pentacene Films on Oxide Surfaces

  • Ricardo Ruiz (a1), Leonard C. Feldman (a1) (a2), Richard F. Haglund (a1), Rodney A. McKee (a2), Norbert Koch (a3), Bert A. Nickel (a3), Jens Pflaum (a3), Giacinto Scoles (a3) and Antoine Kahn (a3)...


Pentacene thin films were grown in ultra high vacuum on amorphous SiO2 and on a high dielectric constant material, crystalline BaTiO3. During pentacene deposition, substrates were held at three different temperatures (-650, 250 and 750 C). In general, three different morphologies were identified: a first closed interfacial layer, a thin film mode composed of faceted grains with single molecule step height, and a volume mode with features substantially higher than those of the thin film mode. Analysis was carried out by atomic force microscopy and in some cases by synchrotron X-ray diffraction.



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