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Improved Photocatalytic H2 Evolution from Inorganic/Organic Sacrificial Solution over Ni-Doped (CuIn)0.2Zn1.6S2 Photocatalysts

  • Xianghui Zhang (a1), Dengwei Jing (a1) and Liejin Guo (a1)

The Ni-doped (CuIn)0.2Zn1.6S2 photocatalysts were prepared via a two-step ultrasonic-hydrothermal method under an environmental-friendly condition. XRD pattern profiles suggested that Ni2+ successfully doped into (CuIn)0.2Zn1.6S2 lattice. UV-Vis spectra indicated that the optical properties of the photocatalysts greatly depended on the amount of Ni doped. SEM images show that the samples were microspheres. The microsphere structures were gradually damaged with the increment of Ni doping amount. The photoactivity of (CuIn)0.2Zn1.6S2 was enhanced when Ni2+ was doped into the crystal structure. The H2 evolution performance over the prepared samples from inorganic/organic sacrificial solution was systematic investigated.

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