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Influence of sodium-containing substrates on Kesterite CZTSSe thin films based solar cells

  • Giovanni Altamura (a1) (a2), Charles Roger (a1), Louis Grenet (a1), Joël Bleuse (a1) (a3), Hélène Fournier (a1), Simon Perraud (a1) and Henri Mariette (a1) (a3) (a2)...


This work deals with the influence of sodium on the properties of CZTSSe material and solar cells. For that purpose, two types of substrates are compared, one with low sodium content (borosilicate glass), the other one with higher sodium content (soda-lime glass). In each case the Na-content in the CZTSSe passing from the substrate through the Mo back contact is quantified by secondary ion mass spectroscopy analysis. Photoluminescence spectroscopy indicates that better quality material is achievable when increasing the Na-content in the CZTSSe. The material characterization results are compared to the photovoltaic properties. Index Terms — Cu2ZnSn(S1-xSex)4, CZTSSe, CZTS, CZTSe, Sodium, Kesterite, thin film, solar cell.


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