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Laser Interactions with Optical Recording Materials

  • Ernesto E. Marinero (a1)


Laser-material interactions are pivotal to optical storage technology. Laser quenching and thermomagnetic processes form the memory basis for approaches based on “phase-change” materials and magneto-optical alloys respectively. Recent progress in phase-change materials indicates that compound semiconductors as well as single element materials are characterized by fast crystallization times. In this work we review, utilizing time-resolved optical and conductivity probes, the melt-kinetics and glass formation processes in Te thin films and the laser-induced crystallization of amorphous GeTe. The latter studies are complemented by x-ray diffraction and TEM analysis. Results are also presented on time-resolved Kerr rotation studies to investigate the magnetic domain formation kinetics in thermo-magnetic recording. Material research problems facing laser interactions with optical recording materials will be discussed.



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