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MOCVD Growth Of GaxIn1−xAs1−ySby and GaxIn1−xSb ALLOYS: Effect of Growth Parameters on Their Solid Compositions

  • Baolin Zhang (a1), Tianming Zhou (a1), Hong Jiang (a1), Yongqiang Ning (a1), Shuwei Li (a1) and Yixin Jin (a1)...


Quaternary GaxIn1−xAs1−ySby and ternary GaxIn1−xSb alloys have been grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD). The effects of growth parameters on the solid compositions, x, y for GaxIn1−xAs1−ySby and x for GaxIn1−x Sb alloys are described in detail. Concentrations of the reactants have major effects on the corresponding solid compositions in the two kinds of alloys. The growth temperature dependence of the solid compositions in both GaxIn1−xAs1−ySby and GaxIn1−xSb was obviously observed and the growth kinetic factor was considered to account for this dependence. It was found that III/V ratio in vapor has a great effect on x in GaxIn1−xSb alloy but little effect on x and y in GaxIn1−xAs1−ySby alloy.



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