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Nepheline Crystallization in High-Alumina High-Level Waste Glass

  • José Marcial (a1), John McCloy (a1) and Owen Neill (a2)


The understanding of the crystallization of aluminosilicate phases in nuclear waste glasses is a major challenge for nuclear waste vitrification. Robust studies on the compositional dependence of nepheline formation have focused on large compositional spaces with hundreds of glass compositions. However, there are clear benefits to obtaining complete descriptions of the conditions under which crystallization occurs for specific glasses, adding to the understanding of nucleation and growth kinetics and interfacial conditions. The focus of this work was the investigation of the microstructure and composition of one simulant high-level nuclear waste glass crystallized under isothermal and continuous cooling schedules. It was observed that conditions of low undercooling, nepheline was the most abundant aluminosilicate phase. Further undercooling led to the formation of additional phases such as calcium phosphate. Nepheline composition was independent of thermal history.



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Nepheline Crystallization in High-Alumina High-Level Waste Glass

  • José Marcial (a1), John McCloy (a1) and Owen Neill (a2)


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