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Photonic Crystals at Near-Infrared and Optical Wavelengths

  • Alexander Moroz (a1)


As demonstrated for the example of a diamond and zinc blende structure of dielectric spheres, small inclusions of a low absorbing metal with the volume fraction can have a fm dramatic effect on a complete photonic band gap (CPBG) between the 2nd-3rd bands. For example, in the case of silica coated silver spheres, the CPBG opens for 1:1% and fm exceeds 5% for 2:5%. Consequently, any dielectric material can be used to fabricate fm a photonic crystal with a sizeable and robust CPBG in three dimensions. Absorption in the CPBG of 5% remains very small ( 2:6% for 750 nm). The structure enjoys almost perfect scaling, enabling one to scale the CPBG from microwaves down to ultraviolet wavelengths.



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Photonic Crystals at Near-Infrared and Optical Wavelengths

  • Alexander Moroz (a1)


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