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Structural Properties of (GaIn)(AsN)/GaAs MQW Structures Grown by MOVPE

  • C. Giannini (a1), E. Carlino (a1), L. Tapfer (a1), F. Höhnsdorf (a2), J. Koch (a2) and W. Stolz (a2)...


In this work, we investigate the structural properties of (GaIn)(AsN)/GaAs multiplequantum wells (MQW) grown at low temperature by metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy. The structural properties, in particular the In- and N-incorporation, the lattice strain (strain modulation), the structural perfection of the metastable (GaIn)(AsN) material system and the structural quality of the (GaIn)(AsN)/GaAs interfaces are investigated by means of high-resolution x-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and secondary ion mass spectrometry. We demonstrate that (GaIn)(AsN) layers of high structural quality can be fabricated up to lattice mismatches of 4%. Our experiments reveal that N and In atoms are localized in the quaternary material and no evidences of In-segregation or N-interdiffusion could be found. TEM analyses reveal a low defect density in the highly strained layers, but no clustering or interface undulation could be detected. High-resolution TEM images show that (GaIn)(AsN)/GaAs interfaces are slightly rougher than GaAs/(GaIn)(AsN) ones.



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