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Ultrathin Soi Structures by Low Energy Oxygen Implantation*

  • Fereydoon Namavar (a1), E. Cortesi (a1), B. Buchanan (a1), J. M. Manke (a1) and N. M. Kalkhoran (a1)...


Although silicon-on-insulator (SOI) materials made by standard energy (150–200 keV) SIMOX processes have shown great promise for meeting the needs of radiation hard microelectronics, there are still problems relating to the radiation hardness and economic viability of standard SIMOX. A low energy SIMOX (LES) process reduces cost and improves radiation hardness and increased throughput of any implanter because much smaller doses are required. In addition, the process is uniquely able to produce high quality thin SIMOX structures that are of particular interest for fully depleted device structures. In this paper, we address the formation of high quality ultrathin SIMOX structures by low energy implantation.



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This work was supported in part by the Department of Defense, Rome Air Development, Center/ESR, under contract no. F19628–90-C-0081.



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