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Biology of the schistosome lung-stage schistosomulum

  • G. N. GOBERT (a1), M. CHAI (a1) and D. P. McMANUS (a1)
  • DOI:
  • Published online: 17 November 2006

Past and more recent research has examined the ultrastructure, metabolism, cell biology, genomics and post-genomics of schistosome schistosomula. These areas are considered and discussed in this review with particular emphasis on (1) the early migration phases through the host, (2) interaction of the host immune response with the parasite surface, (3) glucose uptake mechanisms, and (4) defining the transcriptional profiles of lung-stage schistosomula compared with other developmental stages using microarrays. The microarray profiling studies suggest caution is required when considering the use of schistosomes obtained by in vitro means for molecular or biochemical studies.

Corresponding author
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