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The Tachinid Parasites of Woodlice

  • W. R. Thompson (a1)

1. This paper comprises a study of the larval morphology and biology of the dipterous parasites of the terrestrial Isopods or woodlice.

2. Porcellio scaber L., Oniscus asellus L., Metaponorthus pruinosus Brandt., and Armadillidium vulgare Lat., were found to be attacked by one or more of the parasites.

3. Seven dipterous parasites have been reared and identified from woodlice: Plesina maculata Fall., Melanophora roralis L., Phyto melanocephala Meig., Styloneuria discrepans Pand., Frauenfeldia rubricosa Meig., Cyrillia angustifrons Rond., and Rhinophora lepida Meig. The biology and larval forms of all of these except R. lepida are described and figured, together with those of two undetermined species, “A” and “B.”

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