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The Association for Politics and the Life Sciences, the APLS, seeks an Editor-in-Chief or Co-Editors-in-Chief as well as Associate Editors for its scholarly journal, Politics and the Life Sciences, widely known as PLS. Founded in 1982 PLS joined Cambridge University Press in 2015 and has begun the process of expanding from a biannual to a quarterly publication.

The editorial term will start with Volume 40 of Politics and the Life Sciences, which will appear in the spring of 2020. Each position starts with a three-year term renewable by the Council of the APLS. The search will be open until November 15, 2018.

Politics and the Life Sciences is a peer-reviewed journal publishing original trans-disciplinary research. The topic range includes evolutionary and laboratory insights into political behavior, from decision-making to leadership, cooperation, and competition; evolutionary analysis of political intolerance and violence, from group conflict to warfare, terrorism, and torture; political and political-economic analysis of life-sciences research, health policy, agricultural and environmental policy, and biosecurity policy; philosophical analysis of bioethical controversies; and historical analysis of currently misunderstood issues at the intersection of the social and life sciences. Contributors include political scientists, political psychologists, life scientists, clinicians, health-policy scholars, bioethicists, biosecurity and international-security experts, environmental scientists and ecological economists, moral and evolutionary philosophers, political and environmental historians, communications and public-opinion researchers, and legal scholars. PLS is hosted on Cambridge Core, an all-new online platform and is indexed in MEDLINE (at, BioOne.2, International Political Science Abstracts, Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection, Social Sciences Abstracts, EBSCOhost, and JSTOR.

Applicants must anticipate investing substantial time and energy into editing and communicating with authors and reviewers, collaborating with editorial, production, and marketing colleagues at Cambridge University Press, and advancing the journal as a scholarly forum. Genial distribution of work among editors will be essential.

Prior affiliation with the APLS is not required, but interest in the journal’s mission is. Applicants must have a scholarly record in one or more subject areas within the PLS range. Editing experience, or its equivalent, is expected for the Editor-in-Chief or Co-Editors-in-Chief positions; reviewing experience is expected for Associate Editor positions. None of the advertised positions is paid, although the APLS is prepared to defray certain material costs. Applicants qualifying for consideration at the Editor-in-Chief level should request letters of support from department chairs or deans.

Inquiries should be directed to Patrick A. Stewart, Ph.D., the Chair of the APLS Council, at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Department of Political Science, Fayetteville, AR 72703, USA;; 870-933-0907.

Deadline for applications: November 15, 2018.

For more information about PLS, visit the journal's website here.