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PNS Board Photo_Drew

Dr Janice E. Drew
Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health
University of Aberdeen, UK
Keywords: molecular nutrition, interindividual-variation, metabolic health, biological ageing

Editorial Office

Editorial Office, Cambridge University Press, UK


PNS Board Photo_Atkinson

Dr Charlotte Atkinson
University of Bristol, UK
Keywords: dietary interventions at the time of hospital treatment such as chemotherapy or surgery, diet in people with a stoma, chemotherapy dose in relation to sarcopenia, immunonutrition in people undergoing surgery for head and neck cancer

PNS Board Photo_Silhouette

Dr Samantha Caton
University of Sheffield, UK

PNS Board Photo_Silhouette

Dr Fiona Lithander
University of Bristol, UK

PNS Board Photo_Owen

Dr Lauren Owen
University of Salford, UK
Keywords: nutrition, nutraceuticals, brain function, neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, psychology

PNS Board Photo_Ranawana

Dr Viren Ranawana
University of Aberdeen, UK
Keywords: diet and health, diet and diabetes, satiety and energy balance, international nutrition, food reformulation

PNS Board Photo_Silhouette

Dr Mario Siervo
University of Nottingham, UK