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The above article was originally submitted to Psychological Medicine with incorrect author affiliation information for J.T.R. Walters.

This has since been updated as per the above.


Pettersson, E, Lichtenstein, P, Larsson, H, Song, J, Agrawal, A, Børglum, AD, Bulik, CM, Daly, MJ, Davis, LK, Demontis, D, Edenberg, HJ, Grove, J, Gelernter, J, Neale, BM, Pardiñas, AF, Stahl, E, Walters, JTR, Walters, R, Sullivan, PF, Posthuma, D and Polderman, TJC (2018). Genetic influences on eight psychiatric disorders based on family data of 4 408 646 full and half-siblings, and genetic data of 333 748 cases and controls. Psychological Medicine, 18. doi:10.1017/S0033291718002039