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Changing the Irish dietary guidelines to incorporate the principles of the Mediterranean diet: proposing the MedÉire diet

  • Audrey C Tierney (a1) (a2) and Ioannis Zabetakis (a3)

In Ireland, the major causes of death are CVD. The current Irish healthy eating guidelines and food pyramid primarily advocate a low-fat diet. However, there is overwhelming scientific evidence for the benefits of a Mediterranean diet (Med Diet) in the prevention and management of metabolic disease as well as improving overall health and well-being. In the current commentary, the rationale to incorporate the principles of the Med Diet into the Irish dietary guidelines is presented.


Perspectives of authors.


Local and international.


Populations in Europe, North America and Australia.


Adopting components of the Med Diet presents a more evidence-based approach to updating the current Irish dietary guidelines. Experience and lessons from other non-Mediterranean countries show that it could be a feasible and effective solution to improving the dietary habits of the Irish population to prevent and mange chronic diseases.


Policies and programmes to address perceived barriers to the Med Diet’s implementation and uptake in non-Mediterranean countries should be promoted.

Corresponding author
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