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Low-Frequency Carbon Recombination Lines in the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex

  • Chenoa D. Tremblay (a1), Christopher H. Jordan (a1) (a2), Maria Cunningham (a3), Paul A. Jones (a3) and Natasha Hurley-Walker (a1)...

We detail tentative detections of low-frequency carbon radio recombination lines from within the Orion molecular cloud complex observed at 99–129 MHz. These tentative detections include one alpha transition and one beta transition over three locations and are located within the diffuse regions of dust observed in the infrared at 100 μm, the Hα emission detected in the optical, and the synchrotron radiation observed in the radio. With these observations, we are able to study the radiation mechanism transition from collisionally pumped to radiatively pumped within the H ii regions within the Orion molecular cloud complex.

Corresponding author
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