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Geochronology, paleogeography, and archaeology of the Acheulian locality of ‘Evron Landfill in the western Galilee, Israel

  • Maayan Shemer (a1), Onn Crouvi (a2), Ron Shaar (a3), Yael Ebert (a3), Ari Matmon (a3), ASTER Team (a1) (a2) (a3) (a4) (a5) (a6), Liora Kolska Horwitz (a5), Véra Eisenmann (a6), Yehouda Enzel (a3) and Omry Barzilai (a1)...


A multidisciplinary study was conducted in a newly discovered Paleolithic locality, named ‘Evron Landfill. This locality is a part of the Lower Paleolithic complex of ‘Evron located at the western Galilee, Israel. Examination of artifacts has enabled the cultural attribution of ‘Evron Landfill to the Early Acheulian, while detailed paleomagnetic stratigraphy places the hominin occupations near the Brunhes–Matuyama transition ~0.77 Ma. This age is constrained by cosmogenic isotope burial dating of the sediments overlying the Paleolithic finds, providing a minimum age of ~0.66±0.11 Ma for hominin activity at the site. These results are further supported by the biochronological information derived from the faunal assemblage. Comparative analyses of faunal remains and lithic artifacts from ‘Evron Landfill demonstrate similarities to the assemblages from the Early Acheulian site of Evron Quarry, located ~300 m to the south. Pedo-sedimentological analyses indicate that hominin activity took place in a marsh environment in proximity to the Mediterranean coast, which probably fluctuated in both space and time with a fluvial environment. In addition, this study provides important data about ancient coastal activity during the early to middle Pleistocene.


Corresponding author

*Corresponding author at: Archaeological Research Department, Israel Antiquity Authority, POB 586, Jerusalem, Israel. E-mail address: (M. Shemer).


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