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A Speleothem Record of Younger Dryas Cooling, Klamath Mountains, Oregon, USA

  • David A. Vacco (a1), Peter U. Clark (a2), Alan C. Mix (a3), Hai Cheng (a4) and R. Lawrence Edwards (a4)...

A well-dated δ 18O record in a stalagmite from a cave in the Klamath Mountains, Oregon, with a sampling interval of 50 yr, indicates that the climate of this region cooled essentially synchronously with Younger Dryas climate change elsewhere in the Northern Hemisphere. The δ 18O record also indicates significant century-scale temperature variability during the early Holocene. The δ 13C record suggests increasing biomass over the cave through the last deglaciation, with century-scale variability but with little detectable response of vegetation to Younger Dryas cooling.

Corresponding author
* Corresponding author. E-mail address: (D.A. Vacco).
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