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Attitudes to the ‘Necessities of Life’: Would an Independent Scotland Set a Different Poverty Standard to the Rest of the UK?

  • Maria Gannon (a1) and Nick Bailey (a2)


This article examines whether the population of Scotland would set a different poverty standard compared with the rest of the UK. It is based on research on a consensual or democratic poverty measure, defined by majority views of the items or activities which should be considered the ‘necessities of life’. The article explores whether majority opinions are the same in Scotland as in the rest of the UK. More generally, it explores how attitudes differ north and south of the border, and possible reasons for this. Data on attitudes were collected through three closely related surveys in 2011 and 2012. The analysis suggests that, in the early years at least, a more independent Scotland would be unlikely to set a different social minimum. On this topic, as on many others, attitudes in Scotland are very similar to those in the rest of the UK.



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Attitudes to the ‘Necessities of Life’: Would an Independent Scotland Set a Different Poverty Standard to the Rest of the UK?

  • Maria Gannon (a1) and Nick Bailey (a2)


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