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Social media guidelines

Download the Social Policy and Society Social Media Guidelines Download Instruction for Contributors in PDF.

To view the PDF file linked above, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Social Policy and Society 

Social Media Guidelines

About Social Policy and Society

Social Policy and Society is an international academic journal sponsored by the UK Social Policy Association. The journal welcomes stimulating original articles that draw upon contemporary policy-related research and associated developments in the social sciences. Each issue contains peer reviewed articles reflecting topical debates and issues within social policy and uniquely, a themed section, edited by a Guest Editor(s).

Social Policy and Society is proud of its established reputation as a valuable resource for up to date policy-related research. We would like to extend the reach of the journal further to reach academics, students and practitioners by using social media to make our content easier to find.

How can you help Social Policy and Society to promote your article?

Consider key words when writing your title and abstract

Through the new Cambridge platform Cambridge Core, content published in Social Policy and Society is fully optimised to ensure greater discoverability in search engines such as Google and Google Scholar. To maximise the potential benefits this offers for content discoverability we urge you to consider the use of key words and phrases in both article titles and abstracts.

Provide a tweetable description/title

Article titles vary greatly in length and style, ranging from short and concise to the more expansive. We recognize that as the article author/s you are best placed to summarize the content of the article in a short, concise manner suitable for use on twitter. Tweetable descriptions should be no more than 140 characters and to ensure maximum impact should include key words from the article to give it the best chance of reaching an interested audience.

Please submit your tweets to

Write a blog post

You could writing consider a blog post as an introduction to your article or as a more informal version of your abstract in order to entice people to download the full text. Alternatively, a blog can take the shape of an opinion piece relating to a current news topic or new developments within the field which serve as a relevant introduction to your research article.

Posts should be approximately 400 words in length and with an informal tone, links can be included and images sourced by either the article author or Cambridge University Press. All you need to worry about is the text itself; we will sort out the rest. Cambridge will host the blog post on the Cambridge Core blog and deal with any technicalities around it. You will be sent a link to the live version of your post for you to circulate to colleagues and it will also be promoted through the Cambridge Sociology twitter account and any other relevant subject accounts.

To see how a blog post can serve as a great introduction to your research, you can view example blog posts on the Cambridge Core blog at:

If you are interested in writing a blog post, please contact the Social Policy and Society editorial office or send your completed post directly to Cambridge at

Populate your Kudos record

Cambridge invites all Social Policy and Society authors to use the online tool Kudos to increase the visibility and impact of their articles. Once your article has been published you will receive a link to firstly claim your article and to add information to your publication page. The whole process can we completed in just a few minutes and will generate links for you to share through your personal social media channels.

New to Kudos? Please view the Cambridge user guide here 

Share key links to listservs and link to your article from your institution page Please contact the Cambridge University Press ( to request a short link to your article to share with colleagues on relevant listservs or to promote via your institution webpage.

Video Abstracts

The Social Policy and Society editors welcome video abstracts and other multimedia material. If you plan to prepare a video abstract for your article either through your institution or as part of a conference, this can be hosted alongside your article on Cambridge Core and can also uploaded to Kudos and linked to your article.