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Volume 212 Issue 3BJPsych About the Cover 212.3

The Diver (2013) by Nathalie Frickey (b.1972)
Dr. med. Nathalie Frickey trained and worked in Germany, France and Austria. She is physician-turned-art-therapist and mother of three. She lives and works in Vienna, Austria.In her exploration of the liminal spaces between arts and healing, she uses found imagery, words and found objects in restorative storytelling. All these elements are assembled via collage or poetry into a new and larger whole, reflecting individual and collective growth and evolution. Her personal journey of integrating early childhood trauma, and growing awareness of transgenerational and collective aspects of trauma in various kinds of disease shape her particular approach to art therapy as a healing practice. Her current focus is on working with patients with severe eating disorders and a history of trauma. The Diver is about fear and isolation – total, primal terror, a state of cryopreservation of the self. Individuals with complex post-traumatic stress disorder struggle to regain a sense of safety, to exit that cocoon of icy fear and reconnect with the warp and weft of the world and other people. The inner world experience in this case is quite distinct and different from the outer world experience since the fear itself projects a sphere of altered reality in which the sufferer exists.

Volume 212 Issue 2 BJPsych About the Cover 212.2

Self-portrait 2 (unknown year) by Alex Green (b.1981)
Alex Green started painting from a very early age. He studied fine art at Leeds Metropolitan University in the early 2000s. He cites his main influences as surrealism, particularly Salvador Dali, but also the work of Turner and Francis Bacon. Alex mainly uses oils, both on a small and very large scale, and has sold some of his work. He tends to focus on portraiture. The painting is one of a number of portraits Alex has painted of himself when psychiatrically unwell. He suffered from treatment resistant psychosis for several years before responding to clozapine. He has also been diagnosed with Huntington’s disease. Alex lives in his home town of Leicester. The above text and the cover picture were submitted for publication by Reza Kiani and Kevin Pierce from Huntington’s Disease Complex Care Services (Mill Lodge) in Leicestershire.

Volume 212 Issue 1Where there is no Psychiatrist

Cover illustration by Sharmila Coutinho for Where There is No Psychiatrist, second edition (2017), written by Vikram Patel and Charlotte Hanlon. The newly published second edition of Where There is No Psychiatrist is a practical manual of mental health care for community health workers, primary care nurses, social workers and primary care doctors, particularly in low-resource settings. With over 200 illustrations to aid understanding and simple explanations that avoid jargon, the manual will enable health workers with no specialist training in mental health to help people with mental health problems in their communities and to know when to refer them for specialist assessment. The second edition of this widely used manual will be made freely available as an eBook thanks to generous donations of members and supporters of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.