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Characteristics of Suicide Attempters in a Population-Based Sample of Dutch Adolescents

  • C. W. M. Kienhorst (a1), E. J. de Wilde (a2), J. Van Den Bout (a2), R. F. W. Diekstra (a3) and W. H. G. Wolters (a4)...


The characteristics of suicide attempters were ascertained in a sample of 9393 Dutch students aged 14–20. Broken homes and use of drugs and alcohol were found more often among attempters. Attempters more frequently lived with a single parent, in children's homes or foster homes, were disproportionately of female sex, reported more deaths of friends or relatives, and more often had an unemployed father. Thoughts of suicide and of death were reported more frequently, they were more depressed and hopeless, and had less self-esteem. They were less rational and perceived relationships with parents as poor.


Corresponding author

Psycho-Social Department of the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital, PO Box 18009, 3501 CA Utrecht, The Netherlands


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Characteristics of Suicide Attempters in a Population-Based Sample of Dutch Adolescents

  • C. W. M. Kienhorst (a1), E. J. de Wilde (a2), J. Van Den Bout (a2), R. F. W. Diekstra (a3) and W. H. G. Wolters (a4)...
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