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The Clinical State, Sleep and Amine Metabolism of a Tranylcypromine (‘Parnate’) Addict

  • J. Le Gassicke (a1), G. W. Ashcroft (a2), D. Eccleston (a3), J. I. Evans (a4), I. Oswald (a5) and E. B. Ritson (a6)...


A number of drugs capable of mono-amine oxidase inhibition have been marketed with the claim that they alleviate depressive illness. One of these is tranylcypromine (‘Parnate’), which has won notoriety on account of the severe headache experienced by those receiving the drug when they also eat ripe cheese (Lancet, 1964). In chemical structure, it is related to amphetamine. Amphetamine is a drug of addiction, and addiction to tranylcypromine was therefore to be expected. A preliminay notice of the present patient has already been published (Le Gassicke, 1962).



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The Clinical State, Sleep and Amine Metabolism of a Tranylcypromine (‘Parnate’) Addict

  • J. Le Gassicke (a1), G. W. Ashcroft (a2), D. Eccleston (a3), J. I. Evans (a4), I. Oswald (a5) and E. B. Ritson (a6)...
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