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A Controlled Trial of L-Tryptophan in Mania

  • C. A. Chambers (a1) and G. J. Naylor (a2)


A double-blind placebo-controlled trial of L-tryptophan, with pyridoxine and ascorbic acid, was carried out in 10 female patients suffering from mania.

In contrast to earlier studies led by Prange and Murphy, L-tryptophan was found to be no better than placebo.



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A Controlled Trial of L-Tryptophan in Mania

  • C. A. Chambers (a1) and G. J. Naylor (a2)


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A Controlled Trial of L-Tryptophan in Mania

  • C. A. Chambers (a1) and G. J. Naylor (a2)
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